We produce and direct.


We produce in full you project, location search , crew equipment etc.

We adapt your projects and campaigns to use them in social network ( instagram, Facebook) making the pieces in different formats and adaptations.

We face any kind of project using our experience and professionalism to adjust to the needs of it.

We use different kinds of cameras for each project from mirrorless for smaller productions to FS511/ FS711  Red Alexia , working with several suppliers.

We have Ronin 2 Easy Rig and inspire 2 in our usual equipment to minimize production costs

We produce spots, campaigns, sports videos…

Dron photo

Aerial filming

We are able to include Inspire 2, which is equipped with Zenmuse X5S video camera, with different optics to make a wide variety of shots. We have an extensive experience in aerial filming and capability to manage the different cap licenses in La Rioja to fly safely fo your project o service.

In addition , we hace an Advanced Theoretical Rating Course of RPAS (drone) by the AT0-34 Royal Degree Law 8/812014 and an Advanced Practical Certificate of RPAS (drone) , essential for the performance of professional aerial work.


We provide diverse services to produce companies which want to flim in La Rioja:

Aerial filming


Camera operators